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LightMix Modular Assays

ONE simple concept, THREE big benefits

Modular in design, the LightMix® Modular Assays enable you to create a pathogen detection panel, just right for you. Whether it's a hexaplex or a single assay, the LightMix® Modular Assays change the paradigm for pathogen detection.

Benefits you can rely on:

Easy to Use
Select from a huge range of ready-to-use individual assays for pathogen detection

Modular Design
Create a custom panel specific for your needs and expand your menu by including rare targets

Simultaneous Detection
Increase throughput and improve workflow efficiency by multiplexing up to 5 targets plus 1 control in a single well

Technology made EASY

No need for tedious optimization
Developed with clinically relevant targets in mind, the LightMix® Modular assays are designed to work optimally with Roche Instruments, Master Mixes and Controls to give you an optimized, efficient workflow.

LightMix Modular Assays
LightMix® Modular Assays

Material for 96 reactions

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qPCR Instruments
LightCycler® 480 Instrument

6, 5 & 4 Channel qPCR suitable

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qPCR MasterMixes
LightCycler® Multiplex Master

Optimized to work seamlessly

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ONE standardized protocol, THREE easy steps

The LightMix® Modular Assays are the building blocks to create a panel for your specific needs. Detect up to 5 targets plus a control in one well on Roche qPCR instruments to maximize your multiplexing capacity and increase throughput.

Step 1

Pick your targets of interest
Choose from over 6 panels and more than 40 assays*

Dye Channel Gastro Parasites Gastro Bacteria Gastro Viruses Carbapen- emase EHEC Respiratory New Born Non-Culturable Bacteria
500 Entamoeba
Entamoeba histolytica
Yersinia Norovirus GG1
VIM   Influenza A H1    
530 Giardia Campylo- bacter Norovirus GG1
Norovirus GG2
Influenza A
Influenza A H7
MERS - CoV Orf1a
MERS - CoV upE
TREC T. whipplei
580 Dientamoeba Shigella Rotavirus OXA-48
STX2- EHEC Influenza B    
610 Cryptosporidium Salmonella Adenovirus F VIM KPC EAE- EHEC   KREC  
640 Blastocystis Aeromonas Plesiomonas Astrovirus Enterovirus IMP GES        

Step 2

Create your multiplex panel
Detect up to 5 targets plus a control in a single well

Instrument Compatibility:
Dye Cyan 500 FAM R6G LC Red 610 LC Red 640 Controls
6-channel Instrument 500 530 580 610 640 660
5-channel Instrument 530 580 610 640 660
4-channel Instrument 530 580 610 660
Dye Cyan 500 FAM R6G LC Red 610 LC Red 640 Controls
Channel 500 530 580 610 640 660
Targets Entamoeba Campylobacter Shigella/EIEC Salmonella Aeromonas Roche

Step 3

Run your experiment
Rely on a seamless workflow

  • Standardized qPCR protocols
  • Can be combined with in-house assays
  • Recommended for use with Roche instruments and reagents

*Pick assays within a panel. Mixing and matching between different panels is permissible but will require customer validation.
Please contact your local affiliate for more information

List of assays to choose from:

Panel/Pathogen Target* Roche Part Number
Gastro Parasites Entamoeba 07041888001
Entamoeba histolytica 07041896001
Giardia 07042230001
Dientamoeba 07042248001
Cryptosporidium 07042256001
Blastocystis 07042264001
Gastro Bacteria Yersinia 07041837001
Campylobacter 07041845001
Shigella/EIEC 07041853001
Salmonella 07041861001
Plesiomonas 07041870001
Aeromonas 07041829001
Gastro Virus Norovirus GG1 (Cyan 500) 07374348001
Sapovirus 07396821001
Norovirus GG1 (FAM) 07374321001
Norovirus GG2 07374364001
Rotavirus 07374313001
Adenovirus F 07374305001
Enterovirus 07396805001
EHEC STX1-EHEC 07094248001
STX2-EHEC 07094256001
EAE-EHEC 07094213001
Carbapenemase VIM (Cyan 500) 07042370001
NDM1 07042299001
GES 07042337001
OXA-48 07042302001
IMP (R6G) 07042353001
KPC 07042272001
VIM (LC Red 610) 07042361001
IMP (LC Red 640) 07042345001
GES (LC Red 640) 07409117001
Respiratory Influenza A H1 (H1N1) 07409206001
Influenza A H7 (H7N9) 07041578001
Influenza A 07041594001
MERS - CoV upE 06950302001
MERS - CoV Orf1a 07088833001
Influenza B 07041616001
Newborn TREC 07093861001
KREC 07093896001
Non-Culturable Bacteria T. whipplei 07094272001
Controls Roche Process Control Kit 07099592001
PhHV Internal 07093853001
PhHV Extraction 07093802001
EAV RNA Extraction Control 07374330001
MSTN Extraction Control 07225253001
Filovirus Ebola Zaire 07383428001
*Materials for 96 reaction (lyophilised, target specific primers and probes).
Please contact your local affiliate for more information