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Maximize the quality of your qPCR data with the FastStart Universal SYBR Green Master (Rox) or FastStart Universal Probe Master (Rox) from Roche Applied Science. Use these qPCR master mixes on any real-time PCR instrument that requires normalization with ROX reference dye. Consistently achieve sensitive, specific, and reproducible results at a reasonable price.

Maximize signal quality and reproducibility.

  • Achieve sensitive qPCR performance: Perform highly sensitive qPCR on any real-time instrument requiring ROX reference dye.
  • Easily convert your existing assays: Immediately obtain consistent, reproducible results with a broad range of template types.
  • Automate with confidence: Insist on master mixes that are stable for over 24 hours at room temperature, so they are well-suited for use with robotic liquid handling.
  • Rely on a trusted real-time PCR supplier: Benefit from the real-time PCR expertise of a company that has delivered high-quality qPCR results since 1998.

Figure 1: Quantification of the human Cyclophilin A gene on the ViiA7 System from Life Technologies.
The FastStart Universal SYBR Green Master from Roche shows higher sensitivity and better reproducibility.
A: FastStart Universal SYBR Green Master
B: SYBR® Select Master Mix

Figure 2: Quantification of the human Apolipoprotein E Gene on the StepOne Plus System from Life Technologies.
The FastStart Universal Probe Master shows better signal dynamics with this GC-rich template (76 % GC).
A: FastStart Universal Probe Master
B: TaqMan® Fast Advanced Master Mix

Figure 3: Melting curve and agarose gel analysis of the human Porphobilinogen Deaminase Gene on the Bio-Rad CFX 96 Touch System.
The FastStart Universal SYBR Green Master shows high specificity of amplification.
A: FastStart Universal SYBR Green Master
B: SsoAdvanced™ SYBR® Green Supermix

A great combination.

FastStart Universal Probe Master (Rox) with a Universal ProbeLibrary probe.

First, use free assay-design software at universalprobelibrary.com to design an efficient qPCR assay in one minute, then order the software-recommended Universal ProbeLibrary probe. After receiving your probe the next business day, simply combine it with FastStart Universal Probe Master (Rox) qPCR primers (from your oligonucleotide manufacturer of choice), and your DNA template for a specific, yet cost-effective, qPCR assay. Analyze against any target in any species on any qPCR instrument! Visit universalprobelibrary.com to see how easy it is.

Real-time PCR instrument compatibility.

Manufacturer Systems
Life Technologies (Applied BioSystems) ViiA 7
StepOne, StepOnePlus
7900/7900 Fast
7500/7500 Fast
BioRad CFX384*
Agilent (Stratagene) Mx4000
Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q*
Eppendorf MasterCycler ep realplex*
Cepheid Smart Cycler*

* ROX reference dye not required by this instrument, but presence of ROX in the mix will not interfere with the assay.

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