DNA Timeline

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DNA Timeline

April 25th, the day that the world of science and genetics celebrate the day in 1953 when James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin and colleagues published several landmark papers on the structure of DNA. That significant research changed the way that we think about and view the blueprint for life. Their discoveries paved the way for many others and enabled them to make their own major advancements in the genetics field. Since then, April 25 has been recognized as DNA Day, a day for celebrating all that we know about genetics, including what DNA tells us about our past. This same date in 2003 is also significant, as it was declared that Human Genome Project, which started work in 1990, was finally completed.

Our Roche Life Science research technologies, ranging from gene expression by Real-Time PCR to next-gen sequencing, are well positioned to evolve with the rapidly changing landscape by providing accurate and affordable research solutions. Our genome sequencers can "read" the building blocks of highly variable genes in a matter of hours instead of weeks, which is how long it took with conventional sequencing methods a few years ago. All of this, from an idea published 62 years ago.

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