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Picture of MagNA Pure 24 Tip Park - Piercing Tool

MagNA Pure 24 Tip Park - Piercing Tool

For in vitro diagnostic use.

Product No. Pack Size List Price Your Price Quantity
48 processing tip parks and 50 piercing tools $ 236.00

This product comprises 48 MagNA Pure 24 Processing Tip Parks (shown in image) and 50 MagNA Pure 24 Piercing Tools.

Processing tip parks hold pipette tips used for sample pipetting and processing during a run. Processing tip parks are consumables that are placed into the processing station adapter to park tips for further use during a run, therefore minimizing tip waste.

Piercing tools are consumables that are used to pierce sealed reagent cassettes in order to enable reagent pipetting, to minimize handling of the reagent cassette, and to prevent contamination. Piercing tools can also be ordered separately.

Product No: 07345585001