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Picture of LightCycler<SUP>&#174;</SUP> FastStart DNA Master<SUP>PLUS </SUP>SYBR Green I

LightCycler® FastStart DNA MasterPLUS SYBR Green I

Easy-to-use hot start reaction mix for PCR using the LightCycler® Carousel-Based System.

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product No. Pack Size List Price Your Price Quantity
96 x 20 µL reactions $ 270.00

Product No. Pack Size List Price Your Price Quantity
480 x 20 µLreactions $ 1,092.00

Product No. Pack Size List Price Your Price Quantity
1920 x 20 µL reactions $ 1,910.00

Easy-to-use Hot Start Reaction Mix for PCR using SYBR Green I with the LightCycler® Carousel-Based System.

This master mix offers convenience and ease-of-use because the addition of MgCl2 to the reaction mixture is not necessary, thus avoiding time-consuming optimization steps.
The new buffer formulation results in increased PCR robustness.


  1. LightCycler® FastStart Enzyme
  2. LightCycler® FastStart Reaction Mix
  3. Water, PCR Grade


LightCycler® FastStart DNA MasterPLUS SYBR Green I are easy-to-use hot start reaction mixes for highly sensitive PCR applications in LightCycler® capillaries, using SYBR Green I as detection format and an ideal master mix for performing two-step RT-PCR for gene expression analysis.
Note: LightCycler® FastStart DNA MasterPLUS SYBR Green I can be used in conjunction with Uracil DNA Glycosylase, heat-labile for carryover prevention during PCR.

The hot start feature of the master mix is provided by FastStart Taq DNA Polymerase, a chemically modified Taq DNA polymerase, which is inactive at room temperature and becomes activated at high temperatures (i.e., a preincubation step at +95°C for 5 – 10 minutes).
SYBR Green I dye is included in the LightCycler® Master Mixes for SYBR Green I detection. During each PCR cycle, SYBR Green I intercalates specifically into the double strand of the amplified PCR products; ongoing amplification is monitored by measuring the increase in fluorescence after each cycle. Combining amplification with melting curve analysis can enhance the specificity and sensitivity of amplification reactions.

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Function test: LightCycler® FastStart DNA MasterPLUS SYBR Green I is function tested using the LightCycler® Carousel-Based System Instruments.

Product No: 03515869001
Product No: 03515885001
Product No: 03752186001

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