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eProcurement Solutions

Ordering from Roche is simple, straightforward and convenient

Let us fulfill your procure to pay needs by making it simple to order Roche products at your contracted prices. We offer a wide range of options to enable business to business (B2B) transactions that fit your organization’s eProcurement specifications.

Our Capabilities:


Provides access to a product portfolio with your contracted negotiated prices, hosted directly on your existing eProcurement system.


Offers access from your existing eProcurement system to a private and secure website containing your contracted products and pricing. Authorized users can add purchase order (PO) line items from the punch-out to a shopping cart that is sent directly to your eProcurement system for approval. This solution provides access to real-time product pricing.

Level II Punch-out

Provides an enhancement to the Punch-out experience by allowing Roche products from our Punch-out site to be searchable within your eProcurement system. The user will be directed to the product level page on the Punch-out site upon selecting an item with the eProcurement marketplace.

Electronic Ordering (cXML, EDI)

Reduce procurement process costs and streamline business transaction processing by enabling your eProcurement system to exchange business documents electronically with Roche via cXML or EDI. Roche has implemented the infrastructure to support your procurement needs. We offer the following EDI document types:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Confirmations
  • Advance Shipment Notifications
  • Invoicing
  • Credit Memos
  • Remittance