Tips from the Developer

Whom do you ask if you have trouble in the lab with the recent research?

Roche Applied Science researchers stand ready to provide assistance and answers. Read on for information on best practices in specific topics, and follow the links for more in-depth tips.

PCR: Interview with Waltraud Ankenbauer, recently introducing the AptaTaq Fast DNA Polymerase & AptaTaq Fast PCR Master. Receive information on the evolution of PCR, how to set-up your lab or select the right polymerase for your research.

His-Tag Protein Purification: Interview with Tobias Hausmann, one of Roche Diagnostics' in-house developers of the cOmplete His-Tag Purification Resin. Read about state-of-the art purification methods and the latest developments when performing IMAC purification.

Tissue Dissociation Enzymes: Interview with Werner Hoelke, recently working in Development and Production at Roche Diagnostics Operations in Penzberg. Receive valuable background information in enzyme production as well as their implication towards quality and performance of tissue dissociation enzymes. Also receive tips how to compare different products on the market and switch among them in your experimental set-up.

Protein Stabilization: Interview with Erhard Fernholz, one of the pioneers in developing protease inhibitor cocktails since the mid-nineties. Read about the challenges during development, optimal protein protection and future trends in the field of protein stabilization.

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